The Rising Sun Pub

Situated just 5 minutes off the towpath at bridge 52 in Shakerstone is a must visit tourist dream.  Hidden just behind the church, we approached the Rising Sun and instantly we could see it was busy.  Parked opposite the front of the pub we could make out the classic shape of an Aston Martin DB6 and just behind that, two Harleys and what looked like an old but pristine Ford Anglia to back it up. As it was a nice sunny day but a bit too early for the hard stuff we popped in and grabbed four pints of bitter which was well kept, then sat outside.  As we sat cringing at every drop-top and fancy car that passed by just inches away from the DB6 we couldn’t help notice that all the food that was being brought out looked and smelled great and with a deal on burgers and a pint at £499 it was cheap too.

Having soaked up a lot of sun and lost around a stone in sweat watching the DB6 grow bigger with every passing car we decided to finish up and head off as we were going back to Market Bosworth to drop off the narrowboat.  When suddenly a man who can only be described as Nigel Havers wearing Chinos and a pink shirt appeared with his glamourous blonde mistress, opened the passenger side door of the DB6 like gentleman and awaited the lady to get seated, then softly closed the door.  I felt relieved to see the unscratched classic car engine start with a lovely roar and drive off into the distance.  That’s the type of place this is, a place to take time out and enjoy the village scenery and dream about that classic car or bike in the sun. And just maybe one day who knows!