Narrowboat Hire With Solar Power

What a lovely day on the Ashby Canal! Cruising from Bosworth Marina up to bridge 44 of the Ashby canal today to test our new solar panels on a beautiful sunny morning. Yes thats correct Midland Mallard now have solar energy powering our Narrowboat (canal boat). Have you been looking for a canal boat break or Narrowboat Hire With Solar Power? Well you may have found the right site.

Take a look…

Cruising the Ashby Canal
Bridge 44 of the Ashby Canal

So, we decided to add solar panels to power your journey on the Midlands canal network. Not only are we probably the best equipped hire boat on the Ashby canal now but also across the whole country! With solar powering the appliances whilst you enjoy your holiday you will have a more relaxing break.

We are still taking bookings for 2022 and yes we are still much cheaper for like for like hire boats in 2022. Please click here to book with Midland Mallard.

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Ashby Canal Holidays
Market Bosworth Ashby Canal Scenery.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery cruising the cut on the Ashby canal in the heart of the Midlands canal network.

Narrowboat hire solar MPPT charger
New 3kw inverter charger with MPPT Solar Charger.

Enjoy the comfort of the Sun with Midland Mallard Narrowboat hire with solar power.

Bosworth Marina
Bosworth Marina Bridge

Midland Mallard canal boat hire operate from Bosworth Marina at Bridge 42 of the Ashby Canal just off the Coventry canal. Visit the marina website and take a look here.

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