The Ashby Canal Wildlife

You might be wondering what there is to do on the Ashby Canal whilst on your holiday? With Midland Mallard Canal Boat Holidays on the Ashby Canal there are loads of things to see and do. There is so much Wildlife on the Ashby Canal you won’t be disappointed.

We are based at Bosworth Marina in the heart of the Midlands countryside and we are surrounded by wildlife. Take a look at this picture of a Grass Snake. This was taken by Charlie Daffern recently on the Ashby canal towpath at Bosworth Marina.

Grass Snake AKA Natrix Natrix
Grass Snake Ashby Canal

(Above) Grass Snakes are commonly know as the Water Snake (Natrix Natrix) or the Ringed Snake and can be found in many parts of the UK. They tend to hang around near canals in fields where they can find lots of Amphibians like Frogs and toads.

Also not only do we have Snakes on the Ashby canal but there are other weird and wonderful creatures too. Take a look at this picture of a Terrapin taken by myself a few years back near Hinkley, again on the Ashby Canal.

The Terrapin on Ashby Canal
Terrapin on the Ashby Canal

Again there are things to see and things to do which will keep you occupied on the Ashby Canal. Ashby Canal Wildlife doesn’t stop there. It has been documented that there are various fish species that have been caught in the Ashby Canal. including Sturgeon.

Why not book a Canal Boat break with Midland Mallard on the Ashby Canal in the heart of the Midlands and explore the countryside with us? Also we have solar and we are still taking bookings for 2022. Take a look at the Midland Mallard below…

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