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Below are some of the pictures and videos taken from in and around the Ashby Canal Network…

About The Ashby Canal

The Ashby canal is a site of special scientific interest and houses a number of rare species of flora fauna.  Most notably species of fish.  In fact there has been Sturgeon caught in the Ashby canal and reports of Turtles and grass snakes swimming in the water. We have taken pictures of Turtles ourselves on the Ashby canal.

Ashby Canal Turtle
Ashby Canal Turtle

Footage of the Ashby Canal

To fully appreciate the Ashby canal and it’s full beauty we have been given permission by the lovely “David” from “Cruising the Cut” to show you his video…. This recent footage of the Ashby canal by David was filmed starting from Bosworth Marina “where we are based” and finishing at Snarestone. Enjoy!

Visiting the Canals in the Midlands

People visiting the Ashby Canal Network have reported seeing water voles in varies areas, mostly North of Market Bosworth where the SSSI site has been least effected by boaters and industry.

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