Lock-Free Cruising On The Ashby Canal

The Lock-less Ashby Canal

Firstly the Ashby canal is the number 1 favorite canal for people wishing to cruise the cut without the stress of having to open and close lock gates. The “Ashby” as it is known locally consists of 22 miles of lock free canal cruising and runs mainly through a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) area known for its flora and fauna.

Lock-less Ashby Canal
Lock-less Ashby Canal

Secondly, it doesn’t stop there! The Ashby Canal joins the Coventry Canal at Marston Junction and turning left towards Hawkesbury junction gives you another 1.5 miles of canal cruising before reaching a small lock (1 ft deep). From Hawksbury Junction you can head along the Oxford canal for another 13 miles without encountering any more locks. This route gives you a possible 36.5 miles of cruising with one tiny lock.

Another route without having to encounter any locks takes you through to the Coventry basin. From Hawkesbury junction stay on the Coventry canal and head south. The Coventry basin is roughly another 4 miles from here. This route gives you a total of 26 miles of lock free canal cruising.

Alternative routes would be to head right at the bottom of the Ashby canal (Marston Junction) and head towards Atherstone top lock. This journey would also add another 7 miles of lock free cruising to your journey. Together this journey gives you 29 miles of lock free Narrowboat cruising.

Lastly don’t forget there is the return journey allowing you to visit the places you may have missed journeying down. Either way we are sure you will find your experience cruising around the lock free Ashby canal a pleasant and peaceful one.